Our Head Coach Ben has years of experience within the performance environments of competitive sport. Having come from the UK with a background in Rugby Union, he now competes as a Powerlifter in the Australian Powerlifting Union.

Ben changed sports after injuries curtailed his time in Rugby. Through committing to a prescribed rehabilitation and strengthening program he recovered from his previous history of pain and injury… Learning through that process is what inspired him to help others by becoming a Strength Coach.

Having resistance training be a routine part of our lives is vital to our long-term health, and guiding this in our team is Ben's top priority.


Our Team Coach Ash has recently started to help Ben with some of our busier sessions. Having come from a varied sporting background in swimming, CrossFit, and more recently AFLW, she too now competes as a Powerlifter.

Ash changed sports after a shoulder dislocation led her to seek out guidance with strength and conditioning throughout the rehab process. In the time since, she has gone on to become an incredibly strong lifter and an integral part of our club.

Ash is currently studying Psychology at ECU and is passionate about showing women the physical and mental health benefits of strength training.